Freelance Front-end + WordPress or Shopify Developer

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Freelance Front-end + WordPress or Shopify Developer

Job description is looking for talented mid-level or senior developers, specializing in WordPress, Shopify, and front-end projects for its subsidiary service,

Goodie is a platform that allows freelance developers to work directly with end-clients (designers, design agencies, SMB owners and others) on the projects that usually take 30-100 hours. The scope of work contains mainly front-end development. The most common CMS chosen by the clients is WordPress, and the e-commerce solution is Shopify, so experience with at least one of them is necessary.

What we offer

  • Goodie platform provides a constant flow of projects from both its partners and marketing campaigns.
  • Goodie developers get access to projects’ briefs and have a chance to communicate with the leads. They estimate the project costs and the client chooses the developer based on the both price and developer’s score.
  • The score is based on a client’s review after the project is delivered. The developer starts working on a project when an up-front payment is made by the client.
  • At the end of each billing period, the developer invoices Xfive and receives the payment for the delivered work.
  • It’s up to a developer, their programming, soft and self-motivation skills, how much they earn in Goodie. An average developers’ income varies from $2-5k/month.
  • The flow of projects allows developers to either focus 100% on Goodie projects or use it as an additional source of income.

Note: Our job ads are aimed on developers from Central Europe. Consider whether you apply if you don't have a reasonable time overlap with CET or live in an area with high living costs.


General skills

  • You can effortlessly communicate with the clients, understand their needs and communicate out the solutions.
  • You have good verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • You are able to deliver projects on time and with high-quality.
  • You have passion for development and continuous self-education in your area of expertise.
  • You have client projects portfolio and code samples showing all of your relevant skills. Each code sample is a non-trivial example showing your best skills and knowledge.
  • You have a consistent coding style and passion for well-organized, clean code.
  • Good knowledge of Git version control system.
  • Ability to work with the command line.

Front-end skills

  • Pixel precision and a basic aesthetics sense.
  • Very good knowledge of modern front-end development: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Performance Optimization, Accessibility.
  • Good knowledge of CSS preprocessors: SCSS is preferred.
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Experience with libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap is plus.

WordPress skills

  • Very good knowledge of WordPress and Codex.
  • Ability to write WordPress themes from scratch.
  • Good programming skills and knowledge of general principles (DRY, abstraction, KISS, code refactoring and optimization, etc).
  • Good knowledge of PHP and OOP principles.

(or) Shopify skills

  • At least 1 year experience with Shopify platform and general experience with e-commerce
  • Good knowledge of Shopify Liquid template language
  • Experience with Shopify Slate and Theme Kit
  • Shopify certificates and courses are plus

Recruitment process

This is how our recruitment process works:

  1. We will check your application and work portfolio and code examples to see if you would be a good fit to our team.
  2. If you pass the initial screening, we will invite you to do a coding challenge.
  3. If you pass the challenge, we will invite you to a call interview(s) focused on technical skills and knowledge and soft-skills.
  4. If you pass the interview(s), you will become a member of Xfive. Congratulations! :)

For more details check out our blog post How we hire great developers.